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About Us

Specialising in Quality Pianos and Top-Notch Piano Maintenance

Specialising in Quality Pianos
and Top-Notch Piano Maintenance

Aureus Pianos is your trusted piano retailer for students and professional pianists alike. Most of our full-time music educators at Aureus Academy are professionally equipped with piano models that we supply. All acoustic and digital pianos are handpicked and endorsed by our music school’s piano department. From timbre to tone to touch, each piano is consciously inspected to the very last detail, ensuring quality practice for learners of all levels. Experience high-caliber exam-grade pianos designed for optimal performance.

Browse our Japanese pianos of premium quality. As the sole distributor of Palatino pianos in Singapore, we continue to provide only high-performing pianos meant to bring out the owner’s full potential. Aureus Pianos also pairs exemplary pianos with excellent after-sales services to ensure that you are happy with your instrument for years to come.

Our Services


Japanese pianos, premium European-made brands, established models in the U.S. and more instruments in Aureus’ curated collection for the best playing experience.

Piano Tuning & Services

Our experienced in-house piano technicians ensure that your piano receives exceptional care and inspection to the finest detail by providing precise tuning and maintenance services.

Piano Polishing

Have professional piano experts ensure that your piano is maintained in the best condition with our quality piano polishing services. We’ll clean them till they look brand new.